Industrial Software Development, 7.5 credits

Industrial Software Development, 7.5 credits

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A Project Course in Software Development for Industry

The purpose of the course is that students will develop and expand their knowledge of processes, methods and techniques in computer science. The course will provide knowledge of how to plan, carry out and present an independent improvement work related to their own company’s problem and project model in software engineering.

Responsible: Mälardalen University (Petra Edoff, Mehrdad Saadatmand)

Course modules:

  • Introduction to scientific research and methods
  • Planning for an in-depth study and/or application in the specific field, presentation of pre-study and project plan
  • Evaluation of past change/development projects in the organization
  • Executing a development/change project in the organization

Learning outcomes: The student should after course completion be able to:

  1. be able to search, identify and critically review the relevant sources
  2. be able to account for improvements in processes, methods or techniques in projects with software, related to their own company›s field of activity
  3. draw a distinction, specification and plan for the problem that the project in question
  4. be able to assimilate new knowledge by developing, testing and analyzing new processes, methods, or techniques that the project in question
  5. to evaluate the introduction of new processes, methods or techniques and
  6. be able to present orally and in writing, documenting the different phases, and the results.

Related industrial challenges addressed in the course:

  • This course is for people working in the development of complex technical systems where software plays a key role.
  • The course is suitable for people that are interested in learning more on how to run change projects in their organization. Studies include the planning, implementation and monitoring of this change (e.g., process improvement, introduction of new technology, methods or tools, etc).

Course structure overview

Project course overview for September 2016 instance.


More info:

  • Course title in Swedish: Industriell mjukvaruutveckling
  • Course code: DVA462 (at MdH), MDH-24122 (at
  • Course syllabus via Mälardalen University
  • September 2018 instance has been cancelled.
  • Admission requirements: 120 credits of which at least 80 credits in technology or informatics, including at least 30 credits in programming or software development.Applicants with at least 12 month (full-time) documented work-experience from software development have priority in the selection process