Architecture and Design

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PROMPT courses start in September and January. Online application is done in the system (in Swedish). Last application dates: April 15 and October 15, respectively (if there are places left, there will be a possibility to enroll later).
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Usability and User Experience, 7.5 creditsAugust 2021Apply Now
Advanced Software Architecture, 7.5 creditsN/A

Advanced Software Architecture, 7.5 credits

All Courses Architecture and Design

This course aims to present the most industry-relevant techniques in the area of architectural design and provide the means to document software architectures with standards like UML. It also provides the participants with the necessary knowledge to reduce the technical debt in the software development projects they work on. Moreover, the course has a hands-on approach, which translates into actionable know-how that is relevant to the professional practice of software design.

Usability and User Experience, 7.5 credits

All Courses Architecture and Design

The course aims to provide students an opportunity to develop skill in experience design and design thinking. The Usability and User Experience course focuses on the design process, techniques and methods to design and produce digital artifacts with desirable experiential qualities.