Model-Based Testing


This webpage is the main source of information, where you can find the official information about the course. The course also has a page in Piazza, where we will upload video lectures and where you can a discussion forum for assignments and questions.



The course can be followed as a distance course. Everything that should be needed is provided or linked through this web page and Piazza: lectures with lecture material, directions for reading the course literature, links for downloading the materials, etc. The teachers will be available for questions via Piazza and email.



In the below subpages, you find information on the course content: it also indicates the order of the modules and lectures, and contains links to videos and pointers to the assignments:

  • Lecture 1: Fundamentals of Model-based Testing. (uploaded on Piazza)
  • Lecture 2: Using Requirement Models in Model-based Testing. (uploaded on Piazza)
  • Lecture 3: Using Coverage Criteria in Model-based Testing.


Information about all examination tasks are provided in the content of each module above, but the tasks are also listed in a summarised form below:

  • INL1 (Lecture 1) Reading Assignment on Model-based Testing Fundamentals.
    • Deadline for submission: 2018-12-01.
    • The grading of this task will be based only on the answer to each question/assignment. Once you submit these answers I encourage you to start discussing the posted answers from other students and provide reasonable arguments why you agree or disagree. All postings must be courteous and professional!
  • INL2 (Lecture 2) Practical Exercise on Requirement-based Testing.
    • Deadline for submission: 2018-12-21.
  • INL3 (Lecture 3) Reading Assignment on Coverage Criteria.
  • INL4 (Lecture 3) Practical Exercise on Model Coverage-based Testing.
    • Deadline for submission: 2019-01-18.

Once the examination task has been corrected, and in case completion is required, there is a completion deadline 2 weeks after the original deadline for this task. There is also a possibility to submit only for the completion deadline (if the original deadline has been missed), but in such cases, no opportunity for completion is allowed during this semester.


There is no required course literature. However, for a large portion of the contents of the course, the following books could be beneficial:

  • Utting and B. Legeard, Practical Model-Based Testing. Elsevier – Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2007.
  • Software testing and analysis: process, principles, and techniques, Pezzè, Mauro.; Young, Michal.; Wiley , c2008. – ISBN: 978-0-471-45593-6 LIBRIS-ID: 12918672

In addition, pointers to recent topic-specific scientific literature on model-based software testing is provided within the course modules.