Regression Test Selection & Software Fault Prediction, Spring 2016 (Pilot)

Latest News

Mar 15, 2016: Pilot course has started.

Mar 10, 2016: The website is up and running.

General Information

This webpage is the main source of information, where you can find the official information about the course. The MDH course plan for the course can be found here. The course also has a page in Scalable Learning, where we have uploaded video materials.

How to follow the course

The course can be followed as a distance course. Everything that should be needed is provided or linked through this web page. The teachers will be available for questions via e-mail.

Starting with the Learning Platform

To support distance execution of this course, we are using Scalable Learning platform. In order for you, as a student, to start using it, following steps should be performed:

  1. Create a student account at Scalable Learning (
  2. Verify your account by clicking on a link sent to your email (please use a valid email address from your organisation).
  3. Log-in to Scalable Learning with your newly created credentials (
  4. Now you need to join our Software Testing course by clicking on Join Course link and enter the following enrollment key: KMMVR-78686
  5. DVA448 PILOT – Regression Test Selection & Software Fault Prediction course will appear now in the list of your courses.
  6. Click on the course and then click on Lectures tab to get the list of available lectures.

Course Literature

There is no required course literature. However, for the regression test selection part of the course, the following book is beneficial:

  • Foundations of Software testing, Aditya P. Mathur; Pearson , Second Edition, 2013. – ISBN: 978-81-317-9476-0

In addition, pointers to recent topic-specific scientific literature is provided within the course modules.

Course Content

Below you find information on the course content: it also indicates the order of the modules and lectures, and contains links to videos and pointers to the assignments:

Module 1: Regression Test Selection (contact: Wasif Afzal)

Module 1 on the course introduces regression testing and regression test selection (RTS). It continues to cover regression test selection techniques and the basis for RTS.

  1. Short Introduction to Software Testing
  2. Introduction to Regression Testing
  3. Regression Testing Problem Definition
  4. Regression Test Selection Techniques
  5. Linear Equations
  6. Control Flow Graph Based
  7. Dynamic Slicing Based
  8. Assignment 1
  9. Firewall Approach
  10. Assignment 2

Module 2: Software Fault Prediction (contact: Elaine Weyuker, Tom OstrandWasif Afzal)

Module 2 on the course introduces software fault prediction and continues to discuss the methodology for constructing software fault prediction models.

  1. Software Fault Prediction Introduction
  2. Creating and Applying a Fault Prediction Model
  3. Assignment 3
  4. An Automated Prediction Tool
  5. Model Variations
  6. More Model Variations