Module 1 – Introduction to Software Testing and Test Design


Contact: Daniel Sundmark


The Introduction module aims to provide a basic insight in the basic concepts and fundamental challenges of software testing. The module will provide a basic terminology, including a definition of software testing, as well as an overview knowledge on why, when and how testing should be performed. Moreover, the module will provide an introduction to test design, and an overview of different approaches to test design. The module content is as follows:


  1. (Assignment/Campus Day Seminar) Assignment INL1: Getting Started.
  2. (Video) Basic Concepts.
  3. (Video) Fault, Error and Failure.
  4. (Reading Assignment) Assignment INL2.1: Faults, Error and Failures.
  5. (Video) What is software testing?
  6. (Video) How do we test?
  7. (Reading Assignment) Assignment INL2.2: Testing Fundamentals. (Same assignment document as for INL2.1 above).
  8. (Video) Introduction to Test Design.
  9. (Video) Test Design Techniques.
  10. (Video) Types of Test Design Techniques.
  11. (Reading Assignment) Assignment INL2.3: Alignment between Requirements and Testing. (Same assignment document as for INL2.1 and INL2.2 above).

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