Module 5 – Advanced Test Design

Module 5: Advanced test design

Contact: Eduard Enoiu

The module Advanced Test Design deals with a number of techniques, methods, and tools which can help in systematic and effective testing of software systems. Established, ‘state­-of-­the-­art’ testing techniques like model checking, mutation-­based testing, and search-based software testing are discussed, as well as new developments, such as model­-based software testing.

Throughout this module you have the opportunity to listen to an interview with Jeff Offutt, Professor of Software Engineering at George Mason University. He has published over 155 refereed research papers. His current research projects include model-based testing, analysis and testing of web applications, test automation, and usable security. His textbook, Introduction to Software Testing (co-authored with Paul Ammann), was published by Cambridge University Press in January 2008 and is the leading worldwide textbook in software testing. He has invented, developed, and experimentally validated numerous algorithms and engineering techniques in software testing. Offutt has made fundamental contributions to several software testing problems, including mutation, specification-based testing, model-based testing, automatic test data generation, object-oriented testing, input space partitioning, and testing of web applications.

Part 1. Introduction to Advanced Test Design

Part 2. Introduction to Model-Based Testing

Part 2. Software Modelling and Verification

Part 3. Mutation Testing

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